Battery Battle

Did you know: 

  • 1.2 Billion:    The number of people worldwide who are not getting enough zinc through their diet.
  • 526 Thousand: The number of children that die annually from stomach ailments that could be prevented with zinc. 
  • Zinc is a critical element for child growth and development and the proper functioning of the immune system. A few extra milligrams of zinc daily can make a huge difference. Zinc supplements are an effective and inexpensive remedy. 
  • Every AA battery contains the same amount of zinc that is needed to save the lives of six children.

St. Francis of Assisi's Me to We Club wants to make a difference, by collecting used batteries so that they can be recycled for their zinc. We ar challenging all students to raid their family junk drawers for used batteries that can be recycled. Bring them to school. The class who brings in the most used batteries over the next two weeks in division one and two will earn an ice cream sundae party.  

All batteries are welcome, with the exception of large car batteries. Please, no car batteries. Also for the safety of students please do not send in coroded or damaged batteries.