Talent Show & Art Show Information :)


Saint Francis of Assisi Academy is excited to be hosting a Talent Show on June 21. To prepare for this exciting day students in each grade will have the opportunity to perform for teachers or their peers between now and the end of May. Please note the following information:


  • Grade 1-4 classes will be holding grade based talent shows throughout the last 2 weeks of May. We welcome you to contact your child's teacher to find out more information as to when his/her grade based talent show is taking place. 
  • Grade 5-7 students will perform for Mrs. Furedy on the following dates: May 23 - Grade 7, May 24 - Grade 5, May 29 - Grade 6. 
  • There will be an Art Show held in conjunction with the Talent Show. Specific details for the Art Show include:
    • Work must be labeled with the student’s name, homeroom and the medium of the art (labels will be provided to all homeroom teachers the week before submissions are due)
    • All paintings, drawings and anything flat must be framed or matted (some grade 7 students available to assist students with matting if needed)
    • All 3 dimensional art must be on a base (cardboard, wood etc.)
    • All work should be submitted to Mrs. Furedy between the dates of June 12-16.
    • The work should be representative of a student’s best effort
    • Each student may submit a maximum of 2 pieces of art

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the upcoming Talent Show at STF. God bless you!

Father show us the gifts and talents you have given us. Let us learn to use them for your glory. 
1 Peter 4:10