Severe Weather

Typically, our doors open to students at 8:45 am for our 9:00 am start.  We have supervisors outside starting at 8:40 am. 

On days where severe weather is present, however, the rules change slightly, so that our children don’t spend extra time waiting outside in the cold. Basically, if the weather drops to -20 (with the wind chill) or below, students can come inside the school right when they get dropped off the bus or by you, and we stay indoors for morning and lunch recess.  So that you know, the website that I base my decision on is the Weather Network one.  Here is the link:

So, if it is -17 outside, but – 26 with the wind chill, the students would be allowed to enter the school at 8:40 am when you or the busses drop them off, and they would stay inside for recesses.

Please ensure that kids are dressed for the weather, no matter what the circumstances.  This is especially important in the case the school busses run late.  

Thank you, and stay warm!